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Add some extra positive vibes to your bedroom, workplace, or home office with the Aligned to Wellness Heart Cleansing Kit.

Palo Santo and Sage will help fill your space with positivity, love, and good energy to start or end your day. Rose quartz helps to encourage unconditional love, peace, and self-confidence. 

This bundle includes:


1 x small sage

Assists in purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger or feelings of unworthiness.


1 x selenite wand

Enhances the properties of other stones, dispels negative energy and blocks, making it the perfect protection stone.


1 x palo santo stick

Sweet, sugary, intoxicating scent, works quickly to increases relaxation and bring about feelings of positivity in any space.


1 x Rose Quartz Heart

The energy emitted from  Rose Quartz is pure, unfiltered unconditional love.  You can use Rose Quartz to nourish your heart chakra with self-love, romantic love, and a love for life. 

Heart Cleansing Kit

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