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Hi I'm Yasmine. Are you ready to transform your life?

I am so happy that you are here, and so honoured to support you with your healing journey. 


Life in the fast lane can sometimes invite overwhelming feelings and imbalance and yet sometimes despite our best efforts, it can be challenging to find alignment mind, body, spirit.

I founded Aligned to Wellness as a woman who takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With experience spanning 20 years in the wellness space, my passion for inspiring health and happiness is guided by a deep appreciation for the specialised techniques and modalities I am trained in. Offering a mix of modalities has proven time and time again to be purely nourishing, uplifting and inspiring. Aligned to Wellness is a sanctuary, where you can find peace, love and light. A place where your self-care is the most important thing in the world. 

Over the years my soul has guided me to discover and study many energy-based healing modalities. A little on these below:


I am a USUI certified Reiki Master,  trained in the traditional Japanese Reiki Lineage from Reiki father, Mikao Usui.

is an energy healing technique where I use gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through the body to reduce stress and promote healing.

My curiosity for the traditional old-style Hawaiian practice of Lomi Lomi massage took me to Hawaii where I gained my Level 4 Back to Source certification through lineage holder, Dawn Charlton. Dawn was granted her lineage through Sherman Dudoit, a world renowned Kahu or Master of old style Lomi Lomi.

The sacred Lomi Lomi massage expands awareness and releases emotions to put the clients body in touch with their innate wisdom. A beautiful treatment that involves long and rhythmic wave strokes for ultimate relaxation and bliss.

A certified Emotion Code practitioner, I have a true passion to empower you to live your best life. I embarked on training to help those needing energy healing through what was a difficult time during the pandemic.


The Emotion Code is a powerful modality that gets to the source to eliminate past trauma to achieve a positive outlook and life in a balanced way.

Bringing out the beauty from the inside and out is where it all started. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist, incorporating beautiful facial treatments into my holistic wellness practice.


Yasmine x


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